About Us

GLIMPSE - "Who we are"

Network Intelligent Payment Solution (Network-IPS), has been inventive to be the leading providers of e– payment solutions. Empowered by all elements of payment value chain and channels, we provides integrated platform for all types of payment channels and their associated support infrastructure.

Network-IPS has privileged to present ourselves as a part of Al Sayegh Brothers Group of Companies. Having its long-establishment since over 30 years ago, it is successful family business, grossing over wide-spectrum (from IT, electronics, appliances, photography & imaging, fashion, accessories and time-pieces). Al Sayegh Group holds exclusive distribution rights for various well-known international brands.

With its strong basements in U.A.E, we always we explore the possibilities of digital world and strengthen its link globally. We always trust in proximity and hence have our strong connectivity to rest part of the world by strong business-model with ‘branchless’ networks.

PORTFOLIO - "What we do"

We reinforce the e-commerce industry and can take your business further, making it more proactive and improving sales experience across the globe. Through our compliant e-commerce solutions, we support with hosting and security, network infrastructure, authorization processing, payment clearing, settlement and chargeback/disputes whilst to minimize the risk involved.

Innovations are "part and parcel" of our offer and we virtually serve a diversified range of customer including the might government sector. Our multifarious portfolio includes:

  • - Acquiring Solutions
  • - Strong Accounting Platforms
  • - Add-On Services

Our Message

"A unified group accomplishes more than a single person can". In modern of world of commercialism, a ‘team’ becomes more than just a collection of people. At one end, our true assets consists, our partners whom we represent and our personnel in whose skills, energy and dedication we have the utmost faith. Besides; changing business ideologies, social media, latest versions of IT and its know-hows etc., have supplemented and complemented in the evolution of a good team.

We continuously endeavor for all permutations and combinations across the world, that can be shaped as a team with clear KPis, who/which will be responsible to monitor milestone progress and revenue development. In short, with mutual commitment, our team creates synergy. And hence, we always believe in collaboration, Do you?